Back Waxing/Sugaring

Back Waxing in Toledo, OhioToledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon offers back waxing for men because, lets fact it guys, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that society appreciates a well-groomed man. While body hair on a man is perfectly natural and fine…back hair is an exception to the fine part.

Here are some of the many reasons men should move out of the past and into the present where waxing services are convenient and affordable:

  • The caveman look is dated. Biologically speaking, body hair was of great use to man the way it is to other animals. However, with the advent of indoor plumbing, building insulation, and clothing, unkempt hair has fallen out of vogue.
  • There are no age limitations. It’s a fact that the older we get, the more unwanted hair that appears in more places. However, just because it happens, it’s not an excuse to let yourself go. The older you get, the more help you need to look good for your loved ones. Put in the extra effort and it won’t go unappreciated!
  • Make it part of your regular grooming. Men shave their faces and schedule haircuts to ensure they look their best. Consider a thorough torso, eyebrow, or ear waxing as the finishing touches on a distinguished appearance.
  • We got your back… because you can’t! Unless you can pull off some contortionist move, there is no way you can get a razor around to you back.  That’s where Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon comes in.

Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon offers a great wax experience for men. Call us today at (419) 371-5625 to schedule an appointment. Price is $40.00.

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