Full Leg Waxing/Sugaring

Full Leg Waxing in Toledo, OhioAt Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon, we offer full leg waxing service because we know that love is all around us. Whether you are looking for love or are already immersed in a long-term relationship, it is important to always maintain your appearance. Nothing ruins the moment more than the feeling of thick stubble or spiky unwanted hair. How embarrassing! If you are a woman you want to keep your skin touchable, smooth, and soft.

No matter what your romantic situation, it is always best to remove unwanted hair and improve your skin’s overall condition through waxing. If you are single, then you want to be ready when the right person comes along and if you are involved with somebody then you want them to always see you looking your best.

So put down that daily razor and call Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon to schedule your $55.00 full leg waxing service today: (419) 371-5625

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