Underarm Waxing/Sugaring

Underarm Waxing in Toledo, OhioToledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon offers underarm waxing because, lets face it, no woman wants to be caught with unwanted body and facial hair anywhere but to be caught with unwanted underarm hair is completely unacceptable. Luckily, technology has advanced and the process of staying hair and stubble free in the underarm region is easier than ever. Underarm waxing at Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon is quick, affordable, and will keep you hair free for 3-4 weeks.

In between underarm wax sessions, the hair that does grow in is thinner and much less noticeable. Since it is removed from the root, the end of a hair that has been waxed will be the thinnest part of the hair, so it also will not itch when it begins to grow back. However, when you shave, the part  of the hair  that has been cut by the razor ends up being  the thickest part of the hair, causing it to appear darker.. Plus, the end of the hair is cut on an angle, resulting in that prickly feel against your sensitive underarm skin.

Avoid the irritation and uncomfortable side effects of shaving by simply visiting Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon once a month for an underarm wax that will take less than 15  minutes. Your underarm skin will be unbelievably soft, and you will forget the days of the five o’clock shadow under your arm.

Say good-bye to your razor just in time for summer and say hello to silky smooth, hair-free underarms that will look amazing in all of your sleeveless clothing. Call Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon today to book an appointment: (419) 371-5625! Prices start at $20.00.

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