Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails in Toledo OhioA Refinement Salon is one of Toledo’s best Shellac nail application specialists.  Shellac is a nail product that lasts for at least 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Lasting 14 days is an accomplishment all by itself but shellac does even more. Many women have noticed that their nails are stronger and healthier after using shellac. Not only does it not damage your nail but it improves your nails health.

Below are some answers to common questions about Shellac nails.

Will Shellac last longer than 14 days?

For most women their nails grow fast. Nails that are healthy do grow fast and this is good. However, nail growth is the reason most women get removal and reapplication at the 14 day mark. They do this because the nail has grown out and it is visible from the bottom of the shellac, on the nail, and the new nail growth.

The second reason for getting the shellac removed at the 14 day mark is for the best removal results. The adhesion of the shellac will increase the longer the Shellac is worn. By waiting more than 14 days you are in fact making it a little harder to remove the shellac. This means that the removal process will take longer.

For anymore questions regarding Shellac please leave a reply below. We do our best at providing the best answers.

What are the steps for applying shellac?:

  1. File Nails Into Shape
  2. Remove Cuticles off of the Nails
  3. Apply a Layer of Base Gel
  4. Cure Each Hand for 10 Seconds
  5. Apply 1st Layer of Shellac TM
  6. Cure Each Hand for 2 Minutes
  7. Apply 2nd Layer of Shellac TM
  8. Cure Each Hand for 2 Minutes
  9. Apply Top Coat TM
  10. Cure Each Hand for 2 Minutes
  11. Wipe Each Nail With Alcohol to Remove Sticky Film

How is shellac removed?:

  1. Have the client wash their hands with liquid soap and warm water. Towel dry.
  2. Massage CoolBlue™ into your client’s hands to sanitize.
  3. Wrap each finger with a Shellac Remover Wrap
    1. Saturate the cotton pad on the Shellac Remover Wrap with pure acetone. Place wrap under the finger with the edge of the cotton pad underneath the free edge of the nail
    2. Fold the cotton pad over the top of the nail.
    3. Wrap the long tab around the finger, ensuring a snug fit.
    4. Secure wrap with the adhesive tab.
  4. Leave the Shellac Remover Wrap on the finger for ten minutes.
  5. Securely grip each finger and apply slight pressure to the fingernail.
  6. Using a twisting motion, pull the Shellac Remover Wrap and product from the fingernail. If a significant amount of Shellac remains on the nail (due to extended wear or other unique situations), rewrap the nail and allow acetone to penetrate a few more minutes.
  7. If necessary, gently slide off any remaining product with an orangewood stick. Be careful not to scrape away the surface layers of the natural nail plate.
  8. Rub the nail with a plastic-backed, lint-free pad soaked with acetone to remove any product residue

Shellac Nail Price Sheet:

  • Shellac polish with dry manicure: $30.00
  • Shellac polish on toes with dry toe cure: $30.00
  • Full Set: $40 and up
  • Balance (2-4 weeks): $27.00 and up
  • Balance (4 or more weeks): $32.00 and up
  • Broken Nail: $3.00
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