Chemical Facial Peel: 15% Glycolic Acid

Chemical Peal in Toledo, OhioAt Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon, our 15% glycolic acid chemical peal will revitalize photo-damaged skin and help improve appearance of discoloration. Stimulates collagen synthesis & elastin fibers in dermis promotes cell renewal and reduces formation of fine lines & wrinkles. Glycolic & lactic acid content minimize irritation & dryness.

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What is aGlycolic peal?

  • Glycolic acid is a deeper penetrating alpha hydroxy acid originally derived from sugar cane producing many benefits. Glycolic Acid Skin Care Benefits Are?
  • Deep superficial, non-toxic peel tolerated by all skin types without wounding your skin with unsightly side effects. Nicknamed the “Lunch Hour Peel” often done during this time allowing you to return to work or activities without anyone knowing you had a cosmetic procedure.
  • An accelerated exfoliation removing dead and damaged cells replaced with fresh and healthy cells in several layers of the skin improving your over all appearance.

Why do I need a Glycolic Chemical Peal?

  • Want to look better faster – tired of waiting for your skin care to start working?
  • Wrinkles keep coming back or “Oh, my gosh!” just starting? Skin needs freshening?
  • Suntan giving you tired looking skin? Uneven skin tone?
  • Acne not clearing up? Scars?
  • Men – ingrown hairs driving you crazy?
  • Many more reasons …

You need the glycolic peel!

How many peels do I need before I look good?

  • In your 20’s – 1 to 6 peels.
  • 30’s–50 – 1 series of 6 peels with a possibility of 2nd series.
  • 50’s–on, will likely need 2 series of 6 peels.
  • Acne 1-2 series of 6 peels with maintenance peels.

Now I look great … how do I keep the results?

  • Easy – Call Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon (419) 371-5625 for follow-up services and we’ll keep you looking younger and more youthful with less blemishes and wrinkles.
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