Chemical Facial Peel: 20% Glycolic Acid

Chemical Peal 20% Glycolic Acid in Toledo, OhioToledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon has three different strengths of chemical facial peals and our 20% glycolic acid chemical facial peal is our medium strength peal. Peeling principles are based on the regeneration of skin cells which turnover and are renewed about every four weeks. A chemical peel is an exfoliating technique, which exerts its primary effects on the outer layers of skin.  Glycolic acid, a mild chemical solution, removes surface cells from the top layers of your skin.  A Glycolic Peel causes new skin to begin to form only 24 hours after the chemical peel procedure.  New cells also become active in the dermis (called fibroblastic cells) within a couple of days of the procedure.  These cells create collagen fibers, which are the support structure of newly generated skin. Elastin fibers give skin more support and reduce it’s laxity.

Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon offers a glycolic peel treatment, which is designed to significantly improve the appearance and health of skin, smoothing rough, dry and sun damaged skin and age spots. Eliminating fine lines with Glycolic Peel is a desired result, of course, and is a proven cumulative effect of regular Glycolic Peels and Best Skin Care Practices. You have seen those “Pretty People” whose skin always looks great and glows with radiance and energy… it isn’t by chance.

Using a formula customized to the individual, dead surface skin can be loosened to reveal softer, smoother, younger looking skin beneath.  After a few weeks of treatment skin looks brighter and cleaner, while dry skin becomes hydrated and smooth.

Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon will advise you on the best skin care program for the individual.  It depends on the individual’s skin condition as to the number of Glycolic Peels required.  There is virtually no redness or recovery period and patients can resume normal activity immediately afterwards.  Sun exposure should be avoided before and after treatment.

Glycolic acid:

  • Smooths skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Brightens and firms skin
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Accelerates cell turnover for glowing healthier skin

So don’t put off more youthful looking skin! Call Toledo, Ohio’s A Refinement Salon today to schedule you $45.00 20% glycolic acid chemical peal today: (419) 371-5625.

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